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IDTermDestinationClientPrice per personFree bets
35923.7.-30.7.2022Sardínie-KorsikaZub - Sobota700,- EUR0
36030.7.-6.8.2022Sardínie-KorsikaZelenka - Zub (CZ)700,- EUR0
3616.8.-14.8.2022Sardínie-Řecko - crossingHrusak (CZ)350,- EUR0
36214.8.-21.8.2022Řecko - Kefalonie a okolíHrusak (CZ)700,- EUR0
36321.8.-28.8.2022Řecko - Kefalonie a okolíJirka S (CZ)700,- EUR0
36428.8.-4.9.2022Řecko - Kefalonie a okolíJirka S (CZ)700,- EUR0
3654.9.-11.9.2022Řecko - Kefalonie a okolí700,- EUR9
36611.9.-18.9.2022Řecko - Kefalonie a okolíRadek (CZ)700,- EUR5
36718.9.-24.9.2022Řecko - Malta - crossing550,- EUR9
36824.9.-1.10.2022Malta - Gozo - CominoTrnka, Roman650,- EUR0
3691.10.-8.10.2022Malta - Gozo - CominoSMART650,- EUR0
3708.10.-15.10.2022Malta - Gozo - CominoDream Dive s.r.o.650,- EUR0
37115.10.-22.10.2022Malta - Gozo - CominoDivers Direct650,- EUR0*
37222.10.-29.10.2022Malta - Gozo - Comino650,- EUR9
37329.10.-5.11.2022Malta - Gozo - Comino650,- EUR9
3745.11.-12.11.2022Malta - Mallorca - crossing350,- EUR9
37512.11.-19.11.2022Mallorca - Gibraltar - crossing350,- EUR9
37619.11.-26.11.2022Gibraltar - Tenerife - crossing350,- EUR9
37726.11.-3.12.2022Tenerife - Palma -Gomera350,- EUR9
3783.12.-10.12.2022Tenerife - Palma -Gomera350,- EUR9
37910.12.-17.12.2022Tenerife - Palma -Gomera350,- EUR9
38017.12.-24.12.2022Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
38124.12.-31.12.2022Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
38231.12.-7.1.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
3837.1.-14.1.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
38414.1.-21.1-2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
38521.1.-28.1.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
38628.1.-4.2.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
3874.2.-11.2.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
38811.2.-18.2.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
38918.2.-25.2.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
39025.2.-4.3.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
3914.3.-11.3.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
39211.3.-18.3.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
39318.3.-25.3.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
39425.3.-1.4.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
3951.4.-8.4.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
3968.4.-15.4.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
39715.4.-22.4.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
39822.4.-29.4.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera400,- EUR9
39929.4.-6.5.2023Tenerife - Maroko - Gribraltar - crossing450,. EUR9
4006.5.-13.5.2023Gibraltar - Španelsko - Baleáry400,- EUR9
40113.5.-20.5.2023Baleáry - Francie Azur.pobřeží400,- EUR9
40213.5.-20.5.2023crossing to France400,- EUR9
40320.5.-27.5.2023Francie: Azurové pobřeží650,- EUR9
40427.5.-3.6.2023Francie: Azurové pobřeží650,- EUR9
4053.6.-10.6.2023Francie: Azurové pobřeží650,- EUR9
40610.6.-17.6.2023Francie: Azurové pobřežíDirect Ocean650,- EUR0
40717.6.-24.6.2023Francie: Azurové pobřežíViktor (CZ)650,- EUR0*
40824.6.-1.7.2023Francie-Sardínie - crossing700,- EUR9
40924.6.-1.7.2023Sardínie-Korsika700,- EUR9
4108.7.-15.7.2023Sardínie-Korsika700,- EUR9
41116.7.-22.7.2023Sardínie-KorsikaKingfish DK700,- EUR0*
41222.7.-29.7.2023Sardínie-Korsika700,- EUR9
41329.7.-5.8.2023Sardínie-KorsikaTomášek, M.700,- EUR0
4145.8.-13.8.2023Sardínie-Řecko - crossing400,- EUR9
41513.8.-20.8.2023Řecko - Kefalonie a okolí700,- EUR9
41620.8.-27.8.2023Řecko - Kefalonie a okolí700,- EUR9
41727.8.-3.9.2023Řecko - Kefalonie a okolí700,- EUR9
4183.9.-10.9.2023Řecko - Kefalonie a okolí700,- EUR9
41910.9.-17.9.2023Řecko - Kefalonie a okolíZub - Příbram700,- EUR0*
42017.9.-23.9.2023Řecko - Malta - crossing550,- EUR9
42123.9.-30.9.2023Malta - Gozo - Comino650,- EUR9
42230.9.-7.10.2023Malta - Gozo - Comino650,- EUR9
4237.10.-14.10.2023Malta - Gozo - Comino650,- EUR9
42414.10.-21.10.2023Malta - Gozo - Comino650,- EUR9
42521.10.-28.10.2023Malta - Gozo - CominoKostalova650,- EUR0
42628.10.-4.11.2023Malta - Gozo - Comino650,- EUR9
4274.11.-11.11.2023Malta - Mallorca - crossing400,- EUR9
42811.11.-18.11.2023Malta - Mallorca - crossing400,- EUR9
42918.11.-25.11.2023Gibraltar - Tenerife - crossing400,- EUR9
43025.11.-2.12.2023crossing to Tenerife400,- EUR9
4312.12.-9.12.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera450,- EUR9
4329.12.-16.12.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera450,- EUR9
43316.12.-23.12.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera450,- EUR9
43423.12.-30.12.2023Tenerife - Palma -Gomera500,- EUR9