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Beautiful scenerie, antique civilization and the incredibly blue Mediterranean sea make Greece one of the most tempting holiday destinations, for divers and non-divers. On the Valhalla catamaran you will be surrounded by three islands of the Ionian Sea, with good weather conditions and you can choose which of the many tempting places you want to visit.

Our sailing here begins in the Passada marina on Kefalonia island. 

The island of Zakynthos

Zakynthos is located in the west of Greece about 20 kilometers from the coast, surrounded by the waters of the Ionian Sea and you can only get there by boat or plane. Every year there are thousands of tourists, Zakynthos is famous for its beaches and adrenaline in-water activities, but also the small charming town of Keri in the southwest of the island.

What to see on Zakynthos island:

Beach Wreck – Navágio

Shot of a beach with a smuggler wreck attracts the island as a magnet. The rusty torso is in contrast to the white rocks and the blue sea as in a fairy tale. The ship’s shipwrecking only occurred in the early 1980s due to a malfunction of the engine that made the ship unmanageable. The rest was taken care of by the weather. The five-man crew smuggled nearly two thousand cartons of cigarettes, no big adventure, or treasure. The beach is unavailable due to erosion and landslides from the mainland, so you can only go there from a boat.


The traditional mountain village is worth seeing thanks to several churches with typical bells, local folk architecture and windmills. Volímes is also famous for producing local soft cheese, lace-making, weaving and selling traditional agricultural products.


The Virgin Mary’s Monastery is the oldest building on the island and its walls are covered with interesting frescoes.


You will feel the natural sulfuric sea baths for miles, just be careful, the temperature is only about 18 ° C.

Blue Caves at Cape Skinari

White limestone reefs, bizarre rock arches and caves that break through daylight through the rock windows and paint everything into an incredibly diverse range of blue tones. The largest of the caves, the Blue Cave, was discovered at the end of the 19th century. On a small boat you get to the inside of the caves – try to get there in the morning, when the reflection of the sun will break the water level and the colors will be the most radiant.


The small island is relatively sparsely populated and you will find rather small, quiet villages and especially beautiful natural places here.

What’s to see on Lefkada island:

Fortress Santa Maura

The fortress was given its name by the Franks, the Venetians repaired it and the lion of St. Mark was placed above the entrance. Then they would destroy the fortress rather than let it fall into the hands of the Turks. In addition to the perimeter walls of the fortress, there is not much left, but it still has a magical atmosphere and is worth a visit.

Cape Levkatas

The southernmost place of Lefkada is worth a visit, thanks to spectacular views around. Homer mentions it in his poems as the island was initially dedicated to the gods.


Kefalonia Island is the most extensive of the entire archipelago of the Ionian Sea, and even the English romantic poet George Gordon Byron was enchanted by it. A local wine, called Robola, is also a tasting experience you can’t miss.

The treasure of the Kefalonia nature is the cave, the Dragon Cave Drogarati, which has an impressive stalactite decoration, is popular. The island is Melissanti and Lake Melisani, where tourists can ride on boats in the magical setting of the rock lagoon.

Are you interested in how a typical week on Valhalla works?


Day 1


You board the catamaran between 4PM and 6PM and in most cases you can leave the marina right away.


Travelling, Diving, Sailing, Fun!

You spend the entire week living on board, but that does not mean you can't visit shore. Besides diving, sailing, sunbathing and other activities you can visit shore whenever you want. To see places you can't get to without a boat and quite a few famous places as well. You know what you want to do? Just tell the captain! If not, we can help you out.


Return to marina

You arrive back to the marina in the evening. You can spend the last night near showers where you can get yourselves back to a state suitable for travels. A goodbye party is a must-have!


Morning disembarkation

You leave the catamaran before noon and get ready to travel home. Or you can spend a few more days on spot! :-)

Greece is a country with deep roots, as for the underwater sceneries, there are many historic wrecks and beautiful creatures.

Divers are expected by walls, wrecks, caves and beautiful cliffs. Each dive is also a small archaeological voyage and you have the chance to encounter a variety of historical artifacts. Of course, there is a strict prohibition on taking anything away and you should report your findings to local authorities.

The Ionian Sea is a beautiful area to visit, as the Koundouros reef is renowned for its rich life and great visibility.

Pure water, flocks of fish, caves and wrecks attract a lot of divers to Greece every year. Until recently, scuba diving authorities have been restricted and many new locations have only recently opened up and exposed underwater treasures.

The Ionian Sea offers plenty of exciting diving sites for beginners and experienced divers. Pleasant water temperatures and great visibility are just the prerequisites for the wonderful dives that await you in Greece.

Diving locations on the island of Zakynthos:

From the port town of Keri you can go to 12 well-known diving sites. Between them are the steep falling walls literally moored by the sea life or the gloomy caves where you can not go without a lamp.

Everywhere there are colorful fish, huge rocks are covered with colorful corals. The water here can be relatively cold even in the summer, it is good to pack gloves and hood.


Walls occupied by water life and lots of fish. When you dive, you swim under a gigantic arc that all photographers will love and enjoy the colorful mushrooms and macroorganisms that cover its surface. If you are lucky, you will also find turtles that Zakynthos is home to.


You will feel like an underwater adventurer in the cave system of Keri Cave. Do not forget a lamp and crawl through a cave after a cave and discover fascinating undersea creatures. In the last cathedral you get to the damp water, which mixes sulfur with salt water and the visibility is almost zero. For some, this may be a little unpleasant, but when you look a little, you have a chance to see the wonderful creatures hiding in this seemingly impenetrable place.


You roam around the rocks with beautiful deep pockets where octopuses are hiding, and with your eyes wide open you may even find lobsters or monachuses that resemble seals.


As the name says, there are hundreds of octopuses in this area that like to hide in the smallest skeins in the rocks.


Some call this place the most beautiful location in the Mediterranean Sea. Dive into the beautiful caves and go through a small tunnel and see millions of small shrimps and swim in the famous Butterflies.


Shallow dive that is suitable for beginners. You can search for octopuses, scorpion fish and especially do not miss the main attraction of this locality – a sunken motorbike.

Included in the prices:

  • accomodation in the double room cabin with private WC and shower, bed sheets
  • captain and his services
  • the fuel, electricity, water and gass
  • small motor boat 3,21m, 5HP (only for scuba diving)

Not included in the prices:

  • transport to the harbor and back
  • the food for you and the captain
  • paid harbors
  • final cleanup (EUR 10/person)

You can order:

  • no limit scuba diving – 15l tanks and weights, air filling of the tanks (EUR 40/person)
  • Food – half board (only if you order for the whole crew, EUR 180 / person)
  • Food – full board (only if you order for the whole crew, EUR 220 / person)


  • Booking of the whole boat 5 % discount (counted from the price for 8 persons) and the 9th person for free
  • Booking 6 month and more ahead 20 % discount
  • Booking 6 – 3 month ahead 10 % discount
  • Interesting provisions for travel clubs, travel agencies etc. (contact us)

Since it might get a bit complicated, here is a little calculator: