• Overview
  • Week on the boat
  • Diving localities
  • Prices

Are you interested in how a typical week on Valhalla works?


Day 1


You board the catamaran between 4PM and 6PM and in most cases you can leave the marina right away.

Day 2 to Day 5

Travelling, Diving, Sailing, Fun!

You spend the entire week living on board, but that does not mean you can't visit shore. Besides diving, sailing, sunbathing and other activities you can visit shore whenever you want. To see places you can't get to without a boat and quite a few famous places as well. You know what you want to do? Just tell the captain! If not, we can help you out.

Day 6

Return to marina

You arrive back to the marina in the evening. You can spend the last night near showers where you can get yourselves back to a state suitable for travels. A goodbye party is a must-have!

Day 7

Morning disembarkation

You leave the catamaran before noon and get ready to travel home. Or you can spend a few more days on spot! :-)

Examples of scuba diving sites

The Cathedral - One of the best scuba diving sites at Canary Islands is located near the Gran Canaria Island. You can find admirable and unusual formations, volcanic arcs and corridors.     The Arona - Canary Islands are heaven for wreck lovers too, they are among the best wreck diving locations in the w orld. Arona is still pretty consistent and it lies 40 meters deep and is well known for barracudas and other fish guarding the entrance.   La Restinga - Natural reservation near El Hierro is a great opportunity to dive with turtles, tuna fish, dolphins and sometimes even with whale sharks. There was an underwater volcano eruption in 2011, but the underwater life is already moving in.   Cuevo Del Palm Mar - Beautiful site for experienced and technical scuba divers has crystal clear water with almost unbelievable visibility. There are majestic rocks, caves, lobsters, barracudas and morays.
Included in the prices:
  • accomodation in the double room cabin with private WC and shower, bed sheets
  • captain and his services
  • the fuel, electricity, water and gass
  • small motor boat 3,21m, 5HP (only for scuba diving)
Not included in the prices:
  • transport to the harbor and back
  • the food for you and the captain
  • paid harbors
  • final cleanup (EUR 10/person)
You can order:
  • no limit scuba diving - 15l tanks and weights, air filling of the tanks (EUR 40/person)
  • Food - half board (only if you order for the whole crew, EUR 180 / person)
  • Food - full board (only if you order for the whole crew, EUR 220 / person)
  • Booking of the whole boat 5 % discount (counted from the price for 8 persons) and the 9th person for free
  • Booking 6 month and more ahead 20 % discount
  • Booking 6 - 3 month ahead 10 % discount
  • Interesting provisions for travel clubs, travel agencies etc. (contact us)
Since it might get a bit complicated, here is a little calculator: