About Valhalla Catamaran

Lagoon 410 S2 Boat – Valhalla catamaran by far not only for divers

The Catamaran Lagoon 410 S2 is a small immersion catamaran with a generous rinse, equipped with state-of-the-art technology capable of transoceanic voyages in the maximum possible luxury. The ship design reflects all the experience of Lagoon, a member of the Beneteau Group.

The spacious lounge with panoramic views allows the crew to enjoy the ride even in unfavorable weather, shelters the noon sunshine and there is also a social room suitable for late night parties. The lounge is equipped with full kitchen facilities and a CD player/TV for your needs.

The four double cabins are equipped with private showers with hot water and a toilet. Cabinets with fans and spacious cabinets provide a comfortable place for undisturbed sleep. The side windows in the cabins allow for beautiful views of the ship’s surroundings. There are, of course, bedclothes, blankets and pillows.

The crew members are accommodated in their own single cabins.

In addition, the ship is fully equipped for scuba diving. Powerful compressor installed on the rear diving platform, 15 liter tanks and weights, possibility of borrowing BCDs, regulators, lights, etc. The spacious stairs on the back make the water-exit very easy, too. Getting in the water is easy as well, either by jumping from the side or via the stairs. Thanks to the spacious back the boat is absolutely perfect for divers… not to mention the fact that not every diver has the resilience and endurance necessary not to get nausea on a standard boat.

Your cameras, lamps and other devices will have enough power of 220 V.

For the safety of divers, an oxygen instrument with a mask, the necessary medication, and, of course, a secure connection to the nearest Baro chamber, are on board. To get to the complicated rocks and places where the boat can’t get, a zodiac with engine is available. Thanks to it you can also safely ascent from a dive even further away from the catamaran.

Manufacturer Lagoon
Length 12.37
Width 7.09
Immersion 1.20
Sails size 94 m2
Engine 2 x 40 HP
Water tank 840 l
Oil tank 260 l
Beds available 8 + 2